Homework Committee

The Saranac Lake Central School District is currently working to draft a homework policy. 

The homework policy will provide clarity and consistency regarding the purpose and expectations of homework. It will help create homework practices that are designed to quantifiably increase student learning.

The guidelines that are being developed are taking into consideration current research regarding the efficacy of homework and how homework impacts student learning.  It is intended to supplement other district policies in order to help develop students who are career and college ready.

The homework policy will address the quantity and type of homework and how these dynamics fluctuate at varying grade levels.  The homework committee is operating with the belief that students should be afforded the ability to have a balance between academic, extracurricular, social and family-based activities and time and takes into consideration that every student has unique circumstances that impact their time outside of school.

Below are some articles that the homework committee is using to help guide its work.

Homework Research Gives Insight to Improving Teaching Practice

Rethinking Homework