Harvest of the Month

March's Harvest of the Month is:

Pea Shoots

Pea shoots will appear on the menu in various forms this month.

Did you know?

Pea shoots are easy to grow at home in a sunny windowsill.
For anyone craving fresh greens this time of year, this is the perfect project and can be scaled to any space.

The great thing about growing these in the classroom is that kids get to see the food grow from
root sprout to foliage, from seed to salad.

And the pea shoots are so incredibly tasty and nutritious!

One cup of pea shoots provides:

-about 35% the daily value of vitamin C 
-15% the DV of vitamin A 
-66% the DV of vitamin K

They aren't just salad either, you can add them to a stir fry, omelette or smoothie. 

Some classes have already grown
and eaten theirs!
Like Mrs. Guglielmi's Kindergarten class pictured here enjoying their shoots with snack.

Other classrooms are just starting off.

Now that your child has tried it at school, look for opportunities
 to reintroduce them to these foods.