Harvest of the Month

January's Harvest of the Month is:


Cabbage will appear on the menu in various forms this month.

Sauerkraut is just one delicious way of eating cabbage. The sauerkraut served during our cafeteria tasting will be made from local produce by Hub on the Hill. 

Hub on the Hill works with the farmers and small food businesses of the Adirondack-North Country region to transform the region's bounty of fresh produce into value-added shelf-stable and frozen products.

The fermentation process adds a layer of novelty to this month's cafeteria tasting, and it adds great nutrition too!

Bloomingdale- January 10th

What adventurous eaters! 
The 54 Bloomingdale students recorded their opinion after tasting the sauerkraut. Nearly half liked it! And once again, the students who loved it couldn't help but ask for more!

Sauerkraut cafeteria tasting schedule:
Petrova- To Be Announced

Now that your child has tried it at school, look to reintroduce them to cabbage, sauerkraut or another fermented food at home. Here are some but the list goes on!