Instructional Technology
Chromebooks Here,
      Chromebooks There,
           Chromebooks Everywhere!

The Saranac Lake Central School District has become a Google Classroom school and now has almost 700 Chromebooks available to our students. Here are some benefits of our students using Chromebooks:
1. Chromebooks are fun size!
        Chromebooks are lightweight, portable, boot up in seconds, and batteries last approximately eight hours. The books automatically update in the background and are always current. Schools control user access to Chromebooks, and can be designated for faculty, students, specific grades or subjects. Apps are selected which can be pre-installed, accessible, or blocked. 

2. Chromebooks are more affordable than laptops
        Chromebooks are substantially cheaper than most laptops.  An additional cost incentive for Chromebooks, is that Google Apps for Education (GAFE) services are free to all public schools. 

3. Chromebooks are geared towards ease of use and student/teacher collaboration.
        The books are designed to provide access, support, and management to Google Apps and other educational subject matters. The applications are attained through a web browser via the “cloud,” and are not located on the computer itself. This opens up a multitude of venues where students and educators can access school documents; any computer or mobile device that has internet services. Gmail, calendars, and video conferencing all allow students to connect with others, and keep abreast of assignments. Chromebooks allow students to work together while completing group projects, reports, a power point, or videos. Access to work can be attained during school areas, in the library, or at home.

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