Capital Project Information

~Call for Letter of Interest~

February 1, 2017 

The Saranac Lake Central School District is soliciting Letters of Interest for Project Representative / Construction Management services for the District’s capital construction project. It is anticipated that the recently approved $18.75 million referendum will be constructed in phases, with approximately $2 million to be constructed over Summer, 2017, approximately $10 million to be constructed from Spring 2018 through Summer 2019, and remaining construction to be performed in 2023 or 2024. Please refer to the Capital Project Information section of the District’s website under “Capital Project Information” for information regarding Project Scope.

Individuals/firms interested in receiving the final Request for Proposal (RFP), expected February 22, 2017 are encouraged to submit a letter of interest that includes:

a. A statement as to the ability of the individual/firm to provide the services noted 
   in the construction/closeout phase minimum responsibilities list; 
b. Any optional information in regards to the design and bid phases; and 
c. Documentation of prior experience with similar sized projects.

Please submit Letters of Interest and any supporting documentation electronically to Vernon James, Director of Facilities by February 21, 2017 at
Mr. James can be reached by phone at (518) 897-1726.

Construction / Closeout Phase (Project Representative minimum responsibilities)

  • Serve as liaison between Architect, Contractors and Owner.
  • Full time, consistent point of contact with on-site presence whenever contractors are working.
  • Perform on-site observations of the progress and quality of the Work as may be reasonably necessary to assist the Architect determine, in general, if the Work is being performed in a manner indicating that the Work when completed will be in conformance with the Contract Documents. Notify the Architect if, in the Project Representative's opinion, Work does not conform to the Contract Documents or requires special inspection or testing.
  • Monitor the Contractor's construction schedules on an ongoing basis and alert the Architect to conditions that may lead to delays in completion of the Work.
  • Coordinate shared access to work areas.
  • Coordinate and issue written approvals for acceptable interruptions of utilities and potentially disruptive activities.
  • Receive and review suggestions proposed by the Contractor, and submit them, together with recommendations, to the Architect.
  • Attend all meetings and report to the Architect on the proceedings.
  • Notify Architect when tests required by the Contract Documents and inspections by authorities having jurisdiction will be performed. Observe tests required by the Contract Documents and inspections by authorities having jurisdiction. Record and report to the Architect on test procedures, inspections, and results. Verify testing is performed in accordance with specified requirements and at appropriate times.
  • Maintain records at the construction site in an orderly manner, including correspondence, Contract Documents, Change Orders, Construction Change Directives, reports of meetings, Shop Drawings, Product Data and similar submittals; supplementary drawings, color schedules and requests for payment; and names, addresses and telephone numbers of the Contractors, Subcontractors and principal material suppliers.
  • Maintain a daily log of activities at the site, including weather conditions, nature and location of Work being performed, verbal instructions and interpretations given to the Contractor, and specific observations. Record any occurrence or Work that might result in a claim for a change in Contract Sum or Contract Time. Maintain a list of visitors, their titles, and time and purpose of their visit. 
  • Notify the Architect if any portion of the Work requiring Shop Drawings, Product Data or Samples is commenced before such submittals have been approved by the Architect. Receive and log Samples required at the site, notify the Architect when they are ready for examination, record the Architect’s action and maintain custody of approved Samples.
  • Notify the Architect of any apparent failure by the Contractor to maintain up-to-date records.
  • Review the Contractor's record copy of the Drawings, Specifications, Addenda, Change Orders and other Modifications at intervals appropriate to the stage of construction and notify the Review Applications for Payment and forward to the Architect with recommendations for disposition.
  • Assist the Architect in conducting inspections to determine the date or dates of Substantial Completion and the date of final completion.
  • Assist the Architect in receipt and transmittal to the Owner of documentation required of the Contractor at completion of the Work.

Documentation of Experience

Prior experience and demonstrated expertise on similar sized projects with multiple prime contract public bid work is required. Include documentation indicating past relevant experience as part of Letter of Interest.

Pre-Construction Services - Optional

Identify expertise in additional Pre-Construction services which may be of use to the District, indicating ability to team effectively with the Owner and Architect (Tetra Tech Architects & Engineers) in the following areas:

Design and Bid Phases:

  • Recommendations on optimal organization of bid packages and phasing
  • Construction cost estimating during each phase of project design
  • Scheduling and logistical planning including bid timing
  • Cash flow projections