Capital Project Information

June 5, 2017


Dear Neighbor:

The Saranac Lake Central School District is beginning a substantial abatement and re-construction project on the third floor and auditorium of the Petrova Elementary/Middle School this week, with work anticipated to continue throughout the summer. This is a big project, and time is of the essence if there is any chance of having the Middle School back on the third floor by the start of next school year. 

Unfortunately, the removal of 23,000 square feet of multiple-layers of old ceilings is a noisy process.  The abatement company uses a machine that works something like a large vacuum to help remove the debris. The engine is located outside the building and sounds like a large diesel generator.  Workers will work an evening shift while school is in session.  Their workday will end by 9:30 PM.  After school finishes on June 23rd, work will take place during the day for the rest of the summer.

I apologize for being “the noisy neighbor” for the next couple of weeks and appreciate your understanding while this project gets underway. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding this project. 


Diane Fox, Superintendent